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Q. What is Maximum Demand?A. The average kilowatt load to the nearest one-tenth kilowatt during the 15-minute period of greatest use during a billing period, as recorded by the Department's meter.
Q. How do my operations affect Maximum Demand?A. Depending on how you group and perform your operations, how energy intensive your operations are, how they are executed, and for how long, your Maximum Demand will be affected.
Q. Is there a way to plan for better utilization of my energy?A. Yes, by knowing how your operations use energy you might be able to defer, reduce, shift, eliminate or even include energy efficient motors, appliances, and other electrical tools that you may use in your operations. It may also include changing old equipment and/or energy processes to reduce your overall energy input to your processes or products.
Q. Can I lower the cost of my operations with energy usage planning?A. While deferring, or using energy efficient tools or processes have a direct effect on energy use, there is a way to plan for energy cost savings through energy use planning. Our objective is to show you that by carefully planning operations around costly peaks and simultaneous operations, you may be able to reduce demand peak costs and expensive energy periods.
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