Rate Outreach - Save Money / Improve Operations

  • What is MV-WEB?

    • MV-WEB is an online tool that provides your commercial and industrial customers secure and reliable access to their load profile data.
    • MV-WEB also provides cost-effective, easy access to valuable customer load data for account representatives, load research and generation personnel, engineers, management, and other internal staff.
  • Why MV-WEB is significant to DWP customers?

    Using MV-WEB, customers will benefit by gaining a better understanding of their usage patterns and the ability to:
    • Structure business operations to take advantage of more favorable rates
    • Identify costly demand peaks
    • Increase awareness of energy usage and institute better energy management practices
  • Peak Day Demand

  • What are MV-WEB Features and Benefits?

    • MV-WEB presents interval data in a variety of tabular and graphical formats. Reporting options include: Peak day demand, daily peaks and totals, monthly peaks, 24 hour profile graphing, comparison graphing and others.
    • MV-WEB also allows users to download usage or demand interval data as a delimited text file that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet or database for further reporting and analysis.
  • KVA/Power Factor